Meet ConservatioNFT, a New NFTY Partner

NFTY Labs is excited to announce our cooperation with ConservatioNFT, and their use of our NFTY Connect app and services in their Discord and Telegram social media groups. On a recent trip to the Philippines, our Co-Founder Ty Blackard met with one of the founders of CNFT, Keith Weller, and they discussed how NFTY Labs might assist CNFT with enhanced NFT Utility applications.

What is CNFT?

ConservatioNFT (CNFT) aims to use NFTs to aid funding towards conservation efforts and resolving the present biodiversity crisis. Their main goal is to help fund conservation efforts for endangered species by providing NFTs related to real-world animals. CNFTs will be eco-friendly, and they pledge that over half of their revenue will go towards their partner wildlife organisations.

ConservatioNFT wants to build an NFT brand to protect endangered animals, and to partner directly with established organizations. Their recent collaboration with the Turtle Foundation is a significant milestone in this journey. By auditing organisations, they ensure proceeds go towards trustworthy and impactful causes. This is just one example of how CNFT presents a new opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to be among the world’s first adopters of endangered animals through NFTs.

CNFT is native to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in an effort to reduce costs and environmental impact.

NFTY Labs Collaboration

By using NFTY Connect, CNFT will be able to provide exclusive access to their NFT holders to access private social media groups, participate in VIP activities, shop for discounted merchandise, and be the first to receive breaking news on the progress of Conservation efforts of partners, and CNFTs progress in the conservation ecosystem.

NFTY Labs is proud to support CNFT’s efforts in protecting endangered species and resolving the biodiversity crisis. We believe Blockchain Technology has the potential to Change the World, and we’re excited to provide projects with the tools and apps to further their efforts toward this goal.

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About ConservatioNFT

ConservatioNFT aims to create and promote unique and ethical value to crypto. We envision using the NFTs to aid funding towards conservation efforts and provide a hand in resolving the present biodiversity crisis. CNFTs therefore present a new opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to be among the world’s first adopters of endangered animals through NFTs.

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