NFT Journal: Chapter Fifty

More Media and Entertainment Firms Adopt NFTs 🎭

Last week, Walt Disney selected Polygon Blockchain to participate in its Accelerator program, a business development project designed to support the expansion of innovative firms around the globe. This year’s participants include Flickplay, Inworld, Lockerverse, Obsess, and Red 6, focusing on Artificial Intelligence, NFTs, and Augmented Reality.

Crypto Winter Blues Persists ❄️

The Crypto winter continues to have adverse effects despite showing signs of recovery from the bear market.

Meet the Original Bear Market Player 🐻‍❄️

Despite the market downturn, CryptoPunk keeps attracting huge sales as CryptoPunk #4464 was sold for a whopping $2.6 million making it the fourth most expensive CryptoPunk NFT in the collection’s history, using the Ethereum value transacted. The recent market slump, however, reduced its USD value, making it the fifteenth most expensive CryptoPunk sold from its collection.

CryptoPunk #4464. Source: OpenSea

Market Round-up 🚀

CryptoPunk is the OG of sales volume, occupying the top fifteen most expensive NFTs sold last week. The incredible growth amidst the Crypto crisis deserves a salute from Crypto-enthusiasts.

Top NFT Marketplaces of last week



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