NFT Journal: Chapter Forty-Eight

More A-list Celebrities Join the NFT Train 🚉

Khaby Lame, the most popular TikToker, has been revealed as the brand ambassador for Binance. With this announcement, Khaby will leverage his fame to help promote cryptocurrency education and awareness to the public and offer a unique set of Khaby Lame NFTs.

NFT Images Courtesy of Hartbeat

The Fight Against NFT Scams Continues ⚖️

In addition, Yuga Labs sued Ryder Ripps for copyright violation and misleading advertising. The company asked for monetary damages and a cease-and-desist order to prevent the artist from violating its rights and using confusingly similar domain names. Ripps was charged with making a copy of the BAYC NFT and selling it for $200, giving the impression that they were working together despite the price disparity.

Market Round-up 🚀

The most expensive NFT sold last week was CryptoPunk #7971 for $446.58k. It was followed by an Otherdeed NFT sold for $330.35k. The third and fourth were both Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, with the last on the list, porno.eth selling for $204.25k.

Leading NFT marketplace



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