NFTY Spotlight: Meet Evan, Director of Business Development

Evan is the Director of Business Development at NFTY Labs. A former college quarterback at the University of Miami and University of North Carolina-Charlotte, he received his business degree with a major in finance and a minor in business law, as well as an MBA with a concentration in management.

Evan retired from college athletics due to various injuries. Following his graduation, Evan had no clue what he wanted to do career wise. Alas, he decided to travel to Australia for a couple months to do some soul-searching.

When he returned, Evan took a job with a consulting firm in Charlotte that worked with startups, entrepreneurs, and small to middle-sized firms. Evan credits this experience for developing his passion for growing and scaling businesses with a heavy hands-on approach.

During this time, Evan started his dive into the decentralized world. He explored all of the issues in the traditional world that it seemed able to solve. Eventually, Evan set up a call with Ty about NFTY Labs. As they talked, Evan was truly blown away not only by the future possibilities, but what they had been able to develop already on a barebones budget.

Within a month, Evan decided to join NFTY Labs full-time with the goal of bridging the gap between crypto and the traditional world. He strongly believes in the future of NFTs.

“An NFT is a digital asset that not only has value due to speculation like we have already seen with collector’s pieces, but has underlying tangible value when you add access and promotional features for NFT holders. NFTs are the key to the next generation of community building, subscription models, access management, and even enterprise level identity management solutions.”

His favorite feature about NFTs? The power the people hold, he says.

“NFTs are a massive win for what a lot of people refer to as the ownership economy. People feel more involved, they have a say, and they can finally be heard and discovered like never before. Who you are does not matter as much as what value you have to offer to the ecosystem being built.”

NFTY Labs is building something that’s going to change the NFT space forever, he says.

“No one has created the entire toolbox of infrastructure needed to drive NFTs past the speculation phase of existence. That is where we (NFTY Labs) come in and bridge the gap to traditional world use cases.”

Evan says while there are so many things NFTs are currently used for, the possibilities are limitless in the future.

“I am most excited about hearing more ideas in the NFT space that allow creators, users, community members, and institutions to do much more than the traditional world’s structure will allow.” He explained. “It is a blue ocean of opportunities where not only our firm, but clients, partners, and even competitors can come up with products that benefit all parties involved. It is not simply about getting our cut of the pie, but establishing a process that will exponentially increase the size of the pie for all to reap the rewards of.”

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