NFTY Spotlight: Meet Olivia, Head of Graphic Design

Olivia is the Head of Graphic Design for NFTY Labs.

Hailing from Louisiana, U.S., Olivia had just graduated with a bachelors in Graphic Design and moved to Florida in the Fall of 2020. Work was hard to find at the time amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, but she found an opportunity to work with our CEO, James Lawrence, on another project. Before long, they saw the potential in the booming NFT space and shifted all their attention to NFTY Labs.

Olivia didn’t have too much experience with crypto prior to working at NFTY Labs, but she says the wide range of perspectives has definitely served as an advantage to the team. Now that she’s more well-versed, Olivia’s best analogy of an NFT is pottery.

“A ceramist can make a million identical mugs, but every single one is unique. They can also control the amount they sell, making them more or less rare,” she said. “And I guess the blockchain ownership technology — the NFT itself — would be the certificate of authenticity artists attach to their work.”

She believes the best part about NFTs is it’s revitalizing creativity in a society where it’s been severely devalued.

“The NFT space has been a sort of renaissance. It’s all about appreciation of the creative and innovation. There continues to be a surge of both artists and patrons, creating a robust, creator-driven economy.”

“NFTs, and even the entire crypto space, have opened so many doors for people, especially artists. It’s given a platform to so many talented artists that would otherwise go unnoticed.”

NFTY Labs is changing the NFT space in a unique way, Olivia explained.

“The people hold NFTs, or keys in this analogy, and NFTY Labs is providing the doors. How cool is it that you can access exclusive communities and redeem physical items with just a token sitting in your wallet?”

The future for this virtual space is unlimited, but Olivia is most excited about bringing these digital assets into reality.

“I’m excited for people to be able to redeem physical items with their NFT,” she said. “I may be a digital artist, but there’s just something special about physical, tangible art. I’d love to create NFTs and reward buyers with some sort of physical rendition of that. Could be cool for concerts too. Your NFT is your ticket, and you can also redeem a shirt or free drink. But that’s just scratching the surface!”

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