NFTY Labs Weekly Update (May 30th, 2021) — Miami We Are Coming!

In this week’s community roundup, we look at developments at NFTY Labs as we build the future of the internet using Web 3.0 tools and non-fungible tokens. Here is a recap of our week so far:

NFTY New Web Application Video

The launch of the NTFY web application is fast approaching as our developers and team begin testing. In order to give the community a feel of what was coming, we released a preview video showing what the application will look like.

The video was met with great feedback and hype by our community as everyone gears up for the next phase of developments.

Events — World Blockchain Round Table and Proof of Origin Event

Our Co-Founder and COO, Ty Blackard, was busy over the last week representing NFTY Labs at strategic events. Ty was on the World Blockchain Round Table and was a guest speaker at the Proof of Origin Event by Mogul Productions.

World Blockchain Round Table

The World Blockchain Round Table is an initiative spearheaded by Dragonchain. The show features the most respected and distinguished experts in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, discussing the industry’s future.

COO, Ty Blackard was present on the day one panel that also starred LBRY and Odysee CEO Jeremy Kauffman, and Raj Kapor, Founder of the India Blockchain Alliance. Ty highlighted what NFTY Labs is building and how that will be an essential driver of adoption in the industry.

Proof of Origin Event by Mogul Productions

Also, Ty was on the Proof of Origin Event by Mogul Productions. The decentralized film financing (DeFiFi) and movie-based NFT platform has partnered with NFTY Labs to increase the utility of Mogul NFTs and provide curated, token-gated communities for NFT holders with exclusive access.

As part of this partnership, Ty was a guest speaker at the project’s flagship event. He discussed how Mogul would be leveraging NFTY Connect to gate exclusive communities that only specific NFT holders can access.

NTFY Labs Partners With PolkaFantasy

PolkaFantasy is the first-ever Japanese-themed NFT cross-chain marketplace, built for NFT lovers by NFT enthusiasts has partnered with NFTY Labs. The platform will be using NFTY Connect to power their communities through NFT ownership.

NFTY Labs will be playing an important part in helping PolkaFantasy bring its new world of NFTs and gaming to life through unique token gates. These exclusive spaces will allow the Polkadot team to provide more value and information to loyal community members.

NFTY Labs Sponsors Yacht Party During Bitcoin Miami Conference 2021

The most talked-about cryptocurrency event will be happening over the next weekend in Miami. NFTY Labs will be heavily represented at the conference and all other crypto events happening around it.

The major news from NFTY Labs’ presence in Miami is the Bitcoin Yacht Party happening on Friday, June 4, 2021, at the Bayside Marketplace. This event will be a hangout for big names in the crypto space who will be in town for the conference. This will be significant and strategic for the project since most of the NFTY Labs team will be at the party introducing major names, investors, and influencers to the NFTY Network.

The event is co-sponsored by NFTY Labs in partnership with Trybetterbrand, stacked crypto, Everest, Getmorecoin.

The coming week will be a busy one for NFTY Labs as we ramp up development ad release very important news and updates.

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